Engineered Service, Tuning & Upgrades

At Shockcraft we know what riding is all about - beating your mates.

Whether you're a hard-core XC racer, #Enduro rider, long distance tourer, weekend warrior or downhill stomper we can help.  With the right suspension you'll be faster, smoother and able to put down more power, giving you the edge over all your riding buddies.

Shockcraft is all about taking technical excellence and making it easy; packaging it in a way that's easy to understand and even easier to purchase, with results that completely reset expectations on what suspension can and should do.

We take the best engineered suspension and upgrades from the corners of the world and combine them with our own in-house engineered modifications and tuning into a package that will give you the best performance and ride quality you've ever experienced.

If your suspension just needs serviced, we do that with the most care and best understanding of anyone.  Combined with the best fluids, settings and seals for the application, this gives you the best performance from stock suspension.

If you prefer to service and tune your suspension yourself we can provide the best fluids, seals and advice.

If you need a fully race-prepared fork or shock with maximum performance and reliability.  We can do that too.

Once you have the suspension working perfectly we have our own, unique, tuning schemes which provide a simple step-through for spring rate (air pressure) and damper settings.

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