Party Pack for Fork Service

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Get Super Smooth Suspension with Supergliss, Slickoleum & SKF Seals.  Our fork service party packs include the oils, grease and tools specially selected by Shockcraft to help make your forks run smoother.

STEP 1: Buy fork service party pack & SKF seals (select your SKF kit/s here)
STEP 2: Get together with your riding buddies & service forks
STEP 3 (most important): Enjoy the ride!

Air Chamber Lube 5 cc (RWC)   +$3.00
1 oz Slickoleum Assembly Grease   +$14.40

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Additional Information

Fork Oil

The weight of fork oil you need depends on the brand of forks you are servicing and rider weight:

  • Fox - Motorex 7.5 wt is the standard oil option & equivalent to Fox 10 wt; Motorex 5 wt is for lightweight riders; Motorex 10 wt is the heavy duty option
  • RockShox - Motorex 2.5 wt is the standard oil option & equivalent to RockShox 5 wt; Motorex 5 wt is the heavy duty option
  • Manitou - Motorex 2.5 wt for all fork dampers
  • Other Brands - check fork service manual or contact us
Bushing Lubricant

Motorex Supergliss 100k is an extra thick and slippery lubricating oil designed to cling to vertical surfaces.  Available in original 1 litre bottles or repackaged into 250 ml bottles.

Air Chamber Lubricant 5 cc "Pillow Packs" of air chamber lubricant
Assembly Grease Slickoleum is a premium assembly lubricant specially formulated by Arlo Englund, the inventor of Slick Honey. This grease is perfect for lubricating seals and bushings while rebuilding forks.
Oil Syringes

Medical grade syringes available with or without the annoying questions the chemists always ask. Syringes only, no needles. Supplied with 10 cm clear tube for oil pickup (other tube lengths available on request).

Please note that some fluids (particularly brake fluids) can attack the plastic and rubber in these syringes so they can have a limited life. We strongly recommend using different syringes for brakes and forks. Brake fluid is not good for your forks and fork oil is not good for your brakes.